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  Timespace V500Timespace V500
New hybrid recorder offers 16 channels of analogue video plus 8 channels of 1080P
  Timespace V400Timespace V400
Advanced fully intergrated Vehicle Digital Video Recorder
  Timespace X300Timespace X300
Advanced High Definition, D1 Digital Video Recorder
  Timespace X200Timespace X200
Record video and audio reliably
  CANLinkTimespace CANLink
provides a safe means of recording and transmitting vehicle CAN engineering data
  WiFi 100Timespace WiFi 100
Bridge/Router has been developed by Timespace specifically for use in vehicles
  Timespace ReviewerTimespace Reviewer
Review recordings and Configure Timespace recorders

The Timespace X301 Reviewer ensures a crystal clear view of events as they unfold, the large sharp screen bringing the full scene to life in the hands of the operator. The Reviewer’s interface maximises the powerful features of the X300, V400 and V500 recorders. With in-built PTZ camera control and current support for both VISCA and PELCO protocols, there is no need for the additional expense of a PTZ interface control box.

Fully Compatible with the Timespace V500, V400, X300, X200 and X100 recorders
Large 5 inch back light screen
In-built speaker & 3.5mm headphones jack for audio playback
2 x digital zoom control available on X300, V400 and V500
Set-up menu and configuration of Timespace DVRs
Review footage straight from recorder
Hot plugable & Power directly from recorder
Control and Set up PTZ camera connected to DVR (X300, V400 and V500 only)

Reviewer Screen Shots


Timespace Reviewer T702

Download the Reviewer data sheet
Download the Reviewer manual

Reviewer - Footage playback