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Bridge Alert is a low bridge driver warning aid, integrated with the Timespace V400 vehicle CCTV recorder. Audible and visual low bridge warnings are provided via a dash board mounted device and the drivers CCTV monitor. Using the existing V400/V500 GPS device and licensed Bridge ClearTM data, Timespace Bridge Alert is a simple plug and play installation, with free software upgrades.


Driver CCTV monitor warning
Flashing red LED warning
Audible warning (sounder or spoken)
Vehicle height setting
1st, 2nd & danger warning bridge distance setting
Cancel audible warning after 1st warning
Green ‘operating’ dashboard LED.


Integrated with Timespace V400 and V500 CCTV recorder
Operation monitored and logged by V400/V500 recorder (optionally by LANLink)
Uses GPS device fitted to V400/V500 recorder
Separate dashboard mounted warning device
Bridge ClearTM licensed data (UK and Ireland).

Timespace XP200

Download the Bridge Alert Datasheet
 Download Bridge Alert CE certificate
 Download VCA E-Mark certificate